Frequently Asked Questions


What can I expect at my appointment?

A technologist will come out to escort you to the changing room for your procedure. He or she will be with you throughout your visit. Depending on your procedure, you may be required to change into scrubs. If you are having an MRI, you will remove all metal from your body and store it, along with your personal items, in a secure locker. Next, you will be escorted to the imaging suite where the technologist will explain the details of your exam and give you an opportunity to ask questions before performing the procedure.

Do I need a doctor's referral for an MRI?

Most, but not all, imaging studies require a physician referral. Please inquire about the specific examination if needed.

If my referral slip has a different radiologist or hospital on it, can I use it to have my exam at your facility?

Yes. You may choose any facility to have the examination performed.

Will technologists give results to me?

Our technologists are experts at obtaining diagnostic images and will let you know that an exam is complete. However, technologists or other staff members are not trained to read radiology exams and therefore cannot provide any results.

How long will it take to get my results?

We strive to interpret your exam and get results to your referring physician as fast as possible, usually within several hours and always within 24 hours. If marked urgent, we will call or fax your results promptly. Your doctor will then contact you regarding the results. If interpretation requires prior imaging studies or additional clinical information, your results may take longer as we wait for prior imaging studies.

How can I get a copy of my results?

Once your exam has been interpreted and sent to your referring physician, you may request a copy of your report for personal use. You will need to sign a medical release to receive the report. All mammography patients receive a results letter in easy-to-understand language, either upon completion of your exam or within 2 weeks.

How can I get a copy of my images?

All physicians have direct portals to our images, which they may view within minutes of completion. For a small fee and a signed medical release, you may obtain a CD with your images. If you have any questions, please contact our Medical Records Department at the appropriate office.

How long do you retain my records?

We retain our records beyond the state and federal guidelines, which are 7 years or until minor patients turn 18 years old.

Will my insurance cover this test?

There are thousands of individualized insurance plans. Many plans have rigid medical necessity requirements for certain exams, and some plans have strict time guidelines for screening exams such as mammography. We will do our best to answer your insurance questions, but the responsibility is ultimately yours and we recommend that you check with your insurance plan to assure coverage. Please call the 800 number located on the back of your insurance card and speak with member services to assist you with individual coverage information.

Do I need an authorization for this test?

Most insurance companies require pre-authorization for more complicated exams, particularly MRI scans. Although it is the responsibility of your referring doctor to obtain the necessary authorization, we provide this service for certain exams free of charge to your physician. If the exam is performed without prior authorization, we cannot assure payment from your insurance company.

Can I have the exam performed without insurance involved, and do you offer cash discounts?

If you have a doctor’s referral slip, you may have a medical diagnostic exam performed. We do offer a discount for exams paid at the time of service, but please inquire at the front desk prior to service.

Can I have the test performed at any radiology facility?

Yes! You are not obligated to go to a specific facility. Even though your doctor may recommend one, ultimately, you should feel comfortable with the facility and have trust in the medical personnel providing service. Since a radiologist is a highly trained and specialized physician, you should choose your radiologist just as you would carefully select a surgeon or internist.

Should I worry about the cost since I have insurance?

Feel free to inquire about the cost of the test as it can vary significantly. For example, hospitals and their outpatient sites routinely charge several times as much for the same exam or procedure performed at an independent outpatient imaging center. You may be quite surprised at the difference in cost. And remember that even if you have health insurance, your may incur fees through co-pays or unmet deductibles.

Is your site certified to assure quality?

Yes, we maintain accreditation by the American College of Radiology (ACR), the most stringent credentialing body, who periodically evaluate equipment, personnel and quality assurance procedures. This rigorous process assures that we have met nationally accepted standards regarding MRI and other imaging guidelines to assure safety and quality control.